"Finally bikini body...

...and my friend makes me
a compliment after the other."

"I did not want to be the shy thickness anymore!

...but finally feel
comfortable in my own skin."

"After I lost weight,
success came in the
profession by itself."

"Simply keep looking forward
while never losing sight of the goal!“

"Sport really makes me fun again...

...just a great feeling!“

"Who says you can not cycle
full of energy in old age?"

How do I use Levocaptine+?

Levocaptine+ is suitable for both men and women, has no known side effects and can therefore also be taken over a longer period.

In Levocaptine+ shall be no adverse habituation effect.

The production takes place in the UK to the high quality standard "GMP"
(Good Manufacturing Practice).

Good Manufacturing Practice

Intake and dose recommendation

  • To reduce your weight and lose weight successfully, you should take 1-2 capsules of Levocaptine+ before each meal.

  • In order to maintain your weight, you need only 1-2 capsules spread throughout the day. Ideally, you take this in the morning and evening.

For best results, take the capsules before meals with a large glass of water (400-500 ml)

You can download the complete leaflet about Levocaptine+ in section downloads.

  • Where can I buy Levocaptine+?

    About the different ways to get Levocaptine+ and lose weight successfully...