"Finally bikini body...

...and my friend makes me
a compliment after the other."

"I did not want to be the shy thickness anymore!

...but finally feel
comfortable in my own skin."

"After I lost weight,
success came in the
profession by itself."

"Simply keep looking forward
while never losing sight of the goal!“

"Sport really makes me fun again...

...just a great feeling!“

"Who says you can not cycle
full of energy in old age?"

What is Levocaptine and how does it work?

Levocaptine+ is a metabolism booster, appetite suppressant and lipid binding to the active support of the treatment of obesity and weight control.

Levocaptine+ causes

  • Decreases appetite

  • Reduces the absorption of dietary fats

  • Reduced calorie intake

  • Increases calorie consumption through stimulation of metabolism

  • Helps in burning fat

The ingredients of Levocaptine+ and their effectiveness has been scientifically proven and can be increased by eating a balanced diet and exercise more. Levocaptine+ reduces your appetite. You will eat less than before. 50% or more of the dietary fats that you take within your daily meals will not be absorbed by the body. The remaining fats are burned by increasing the metabolism.

Levocaptine+ is a vital natural product for losing weight, which dispenses entirely on artificial ingredients and is purely vegetable.
It effectively reduces appetite and food cravings, so that you can have a lot less calories on a daily basis. Even the fat metabolism stimulates the metabolism actively setting a natural fat burning process in motion. Levocaptine+ contains only natural ingredients, which are an effective aid in weight loss in their specific combination.

Ingredients per serving

  • L-carnitine
  • Guarana extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Caffeine
  • Tryptophan
    not specified
  • L-tyrosine
    not specified

  • Green tea extract

    Green tea extract

    Green tea originates from Asia and the Middle East and is considered as an effective means of weight reduction. The Green tea ensures that energy is converted into simple sugars and fats are blocked and removed. In addition, the biomaterials of green tea block a particular enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of complex sugars into simple sugars bad. Therefore, green tea helps to keep blood sugar levels constant and suppress hunger.
    Studies show that green tea can increase metabolism safely and without side effects. A boost metabolism and, consequently, an increased fat burning takes place here already to drive without it. Green tea also contains the naturally occurring amino acid theanine, which helps to relax and experience a sense of well-being.

  • Caffeine


    Coffee acts as accelerator of metabolism - by activating the metabolism is stimulated and burned the fat burning excess fat.

  • L-carnitine


    Carnitine, more L-carnitine, is a naturally occurring vitamin-like substance. The L-carnitine plays an important role in the energy metabolism of human, animal and plant cells and acts as a receptor molecule for activated fatty acids - thus it has a large proportion of fat burning. L-carnitine burns unwanted fat, which is stored in muscles and blood vessels. In particular, if a weight reduction in conjunction with a diet and sports is sought, carnitine is often recommended as a supplement to achieve a better turnover of fatty acids.

  • Guarana

    Guarana extract

    The native of South America, guarana, has antipyretic and acts as a natural amplifier performance. Physical weakness and stamina are strengthened. Guarana has a very stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system. It dampens hunger and leaves no cravings. Guarana acts like the caffeine in coffee.

  • L-tyrosine


    The amino acid L-tyrosine results in taking a good feeling, helps to reduce fat and also reduces appetite. This makes it easier to have to stay away from sweets and treats.

The effectiveness of Levocaptine + is achieved in particular by the fine-tuned combination of the individual ingredients. With the help of the special composition and dosage of the herbal ingredients Levocaptine offers a gentle and yet effective method of dieting support.
The high quality and natural ingredients of Levocaptine+ are carefully selected and meet German standards.
Four of the ingredients work together to provide a multiple and similarly for increased efficiency optimization. The amino acids tyrosine and tryptophan complete the effectiveness of Levocaptine + and make it a highly effective fat burner.
The tried and tested slimming Levocaptine+ is offered for over 7 years and made in Great Britain.

  • How do I use Levocaptine+?

    Important information for the ingestion and dosage can be found here...